FreshCap Protea Producing Exporter


producer and exporter of quality fresh cut flowers

global flower industry specialist

As a global exporter of premium flowers the FreshCap Group operates ethically to ensure the benefit and sustainability of our environment and our society at large. 

Several fresh cut flower growers supporting The FreshCap Group have Global Gap (Good Agricultural Practice) and SIZA (Sustainable Initiative South Africa) accreditations to demonstrate our commitment to good agricultural practices, quality products and ensuring the longevity of our floral species.

These accreditations emphasize the importance for us as a global flower exporters, to sustain our environment and ethical principles.

Global Gap (Good Agricultural Practice) ensures a global standard for agricultural practices. It protects scarce resources by implementing Good Agricultural Practices with the commitment to a sustainable future.

The SIZA (Sustainable Initiative South Africa) programme promotes comprehensive and continuous improvement of ethical labour practises in South Africa.

Appropriate support and interventions take place through a third-party audit to ensure that agricultural practices function according to the SIZA standards. SIZA ensures the implementation of ethical management programmes that support local and international requirements.

The programme ensures continuous improvement of labour conditions and facilities.

Social responsibility with a sustainable future

At our after-school programme, for the children of our farm workers, we have highly educated teachers who focuses on continuous improvement for a sustainable future. All the students from all ages perform extremely well in their subjects and grades. 

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